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  • A little impression of the magical sceneries Nightscapes Productions has been created among the past years…
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    • NIGHTCLUB12 december 2014 20.00h13/21 december 2014 OFF program & EXPO Fee: Minimum €2,50 the dresscode is a TIE …. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all..." Imagine an impressive historical house filled with Arts, Music, Videos, Live Performance and a sniff of Nightscapes magic. A setting that only exists for one single night.NightClub, a night where we blow back life into a historical house, hidden away in the city of Maastricht. A night, where it regains its destination. A nightly illusion only to be alive for one single night.     10 different artists will transform the chambers of the NightClub into their own surrealistic worlds. ( amongst others):  Rebecca TreurEtienne van BerloEsther Van de PasDe TekenkingzRamon Schoonbrood & Michiel MuyresPatrick BolkAZXXLMarc de VreeDavina Versteeg   Alek et Les Japonaises, アレック エ レ ジャポネーズ, Los Venturas performances and DJ V and some magic of Bernadette Huijbers will provide you the ultimate NightClub experience. There are no tickets, only a donation fee and once the NightClub is full, its doors will remain closed, so be on time... But be aware, you may only enter the NightClub with the correct password and the required dresscode...In order to receive the password and the exact location of the Nightclub, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Regardless your sex, the dresscode is a TIE …. OFF ProgramSat 13 december 19.00h:   ZZP-Fabriek network eventSun 14 december 14.00h:  Sunday lazy afternoon jamWed 17 december 16h/20h: expo openThu 18 december 16h/20h: expo open Special Movie nightFri 19 december 16h/20h: expo openSat 20 december 16h/20h: expo open Finnisage eventSun 21 december 14h/18h: expo open
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      Nightclub II

    • Tandem Festival (UK)A stage curated by Nightscapes20 & 21 june 2014 http://tandemfestival.com/  Nightscapes is crossing the canal! We will curate a lovely stage at the Tandem Festival in Oxford (GB). With our suitcases packed with all the Nightscapes magic and some lovely artists we will amaze the English people.... "  
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      Nightscapes meets Tandem Festival Oxford

    • Secret Places IIA festival by Nightscapes24 & 25  May 2014 Latest updates:www.secretplacesfestival.nl  TICKETS "The night during day, the day during night… And suddenly the world holds. No more turning. A silent sigh reveals the entrance to our Secret Place. A place where future and past are reunited. A place where time has been forgotten…." On 24 & 25 May 2014 Secret Places - a festival by Nightscapes ...Somewhere hidden away in Maastricht at our Secret Place, we will seduce you an entire day and night with magic, mysteries, poetry, fairy tales, food and drinks… Bands, performances and singer-songwriters will amaze you and heaten up your spirits. Just enter our Secret Place and feel, see, hear and taste our little Nightscapes magic, transform and dance along with Cat under the last summer moon.SATURDAY 24-05-14 Start: 14:00Entrance: €15,-3 band-stages presenting amongst others:✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ BudZillus✿ ✿ Moon Moon Moon✿ ✿ ✿ Birds that change colour✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ Mad About Mountains✿ W.Victor & Band ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ OLIVER ✿ ✿ ✿ Egbert Hovenkamp II✿ ✿ ✿ Caisaman✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ DJ Hagel Slag✿ ✿ ✿ The Live Press ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ Dictator Chips✿ SUNDAY 25-05-14 Start: 14:00Free entrance✿ ✿ Douwe Dijkstra & de sneue vertoning✿ ✿ Sparrow Falls✿ DJ Hagel Slag✿ ✿ Dictator Chips✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ The Live Press  SECRET PLACES II is a partly crowd funded festival.✿ SUPPORT THE FESTIVAL and Join our Crowdfunding Campaign at:http://www.worldofcrowdfunding.com/secret-places-ii-festival-nightscapesMore Info: www.secretplacesfestival.nl VISIT THE FACEBOOK EVENT
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      Secret Places #2 - A festival by Nightscapes

    • Nightscapes Sessions - Aachen 19 April 201420.00hTICKETSBus is SOLD OUT - ALTERNATIVE BUS OPTION CLICK HERE "And when the night is calling, all differences are forgotten. Borders will be crossed, the past remains sleeping. It is just you and me, unified. Equality in humanity under the bright moonlight " These Nightscapes Sessions will carry you to the beautiful city of Aachen, Germany.Our special Nightscapes Bus will pick you up in order to meet Cat and het lovely entourage carrying you into a night filled with love and magic. Discover music, poetry and performances on surprising places, feel the love and breath the little sniff of Nightscapes magic. Travel with us into the magical night of Aachen, discover the hidden places and stroll under the moon and the stars…Our Nightscapes Bus will pick you up and bring you back home. As the bustickets are very limited, please make sure to get yours early. Line-up:HOP STOP BANDA (de)- An obscure mix of folk music made up of Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish and Oriental elements and charged with Latin/Balkan grooves.A FISH CALLED LOUIS (be) - daily fishbaitLONG CONVERSATIONS (nl) -  “The Story of Folk into Rock'' NATUGAL MYSTIC (nl)Tickets for the Nightscapes Sessions are € 10 in pre-sale.the bus-tickets are an additional € 5. (SOLD OUT) Nightscapes Bus leaves at: 19:00 Start Session: 20:00Meetingpoint: the Elisenbrunnen in Aachen "I see you and you see me, but do you really see the real me?!?!"Meetingpoint Bus (19h): Achter de Barakken 35; 6211 RZ Maastricht  ALTERNATIVE BUS OPTION: BUS 50 leaves at 18:48 at Maastricht Station and arrives at 19:49 at AACHEN THEATER (2 minutes walking until you meet us at the Elisenbrunnen…)BUS 50 will safely bring you back home at 23:47 or 0:17…   VISIT THE FACEBOOK EVENT Supported by
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      Nightscapes Sessions - Aachen

    • Nightscapes Sessions #10 Mending the Pebble-stone Sea21th March 201420.00hTICKETS"Years of water have been streaming. Hearts closed. Eyes are burning. The sea, my soul, smashing against those walls we build…"It has been quite a while, but yet we are back with a brand-new Nightscapes Sessions right here, where our heart is. Once again we will tempt you to experience hidden magic at nightly places along with Cat Sphinges and illusion of the stars. You will receive the meeting point once you got your ticket. Tickets can be ordered online by clicking here. "Lost in my darkness, where only you can find me. Spinning and turning and hiding. Be my sea, return to me my moon and mend my pebble-stone heart..."
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      Nightscapes Sessions #10 - Mending the Pebble-stone Sea

    • Nightscapes Sessions - SSHT, By the ghost of the river A Brussels edition25 january 201420.00hA boat, following the nightly flow of a river long forgotten. A boat, flowing on a river aiming for a city living in in oblivion. A city where the night is whispering songs on secretly forgotten places.Meet us on 25 January at 20:00 at a secret meeting point and we will carry you into a night where untold stories will be heard whilst secret locations will reveal their nightly beauty.   Follow the path of the forgotten river city along the affluents of the underground Senne and discover the night accompanied by beautiful music, poetry and performances. A Nightscapes Session to experience Brussels in a completely unique way. But Shht… the details of this event will remain secret until the night to be!Artists:   * The Mad Trist (NL) * Power to the Pipo (NL) * Eduardo Matos (BR/BE) -- Artistic collaboration with Expart * RADAR – a danced sound concert (NL) * Blossoms (UK)   This event is a collaboration between Nightscapes Productions, SHHT-The magazine of untold architecture and Recyclart   25/1/2014 Start: 20:00 Tickets: €8,- / € 12 Reservation tickets: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    More info: www.NightscapesProductions.nl, www.shht.eu
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      Nightscapes Sessions - SHHT, By the ghost of the river

    • {CANCELLED} Nightwatch – Into the bowels of Brussels {CANCELLED} A Brussels edition8 february 201420.00h Life is a bitter-sweet journey with turns and tacky stations and with sometimes, along the way, a major derailment…Such a major derailment has just happened and we’re sorry to announce that after thorough consideration and having discussed all possible alternatives we are forced to CANCEL:Shht… tales of the underground: NightWatch - Into the Bowels of Brussels on the 8th of February 2014. We would like to thank all the people, artists and associations involved, having worked very hard in order to realize this event. Special thanks to Scissors Paper Stone ASBL, Expart and all the artists. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused and we hope to see you soon. Nightscapes Productions, RECYCLART ART CENTER and Shht   Watch, feel and experience the edginess of a night, where the flows of progress once collided with Brussels consciousness. You will be seduced by experimental performances deep deep under the ground. Discover the smoke of the darkness and crawl into a night, where sound and visuals dance along with architecture. Hunger for adventure? Then, get your ticket for this nighttrain never to leave the station and climb into our mysterious watchtowers, deep, deep under the ground… Shht....   Artist to be announced soon..   This event is a collaboration between Nightscapes Productions, SHHT-The magazine of untold architecture and Recyclart   For the artistic part we work togethere with 2 Brussels-based collectives: Expart and Scissors Paper Stone asbl     08/2/2014 Start: 20:00Tickets: €8,- / € 12 Reservation tickets: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    More info: www.NightscapesProductions.nl, www.shht.eu  
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      Nightwatch - Into the bowels of Brussels

    • Nightscapes Productions presents:House of Whispers So long, Bye, Bye, Farewell HuismethetHandje11 january 2014 Part I - 15:00Part II - 21:00 "One house whispering in all its chambers. One house revealing its beautiful magic. One house seducing you to discover its hidden corners filled with untold beauty. One house is murmuring a sweet goodbye…"House of Whispers is a brand new design of Nightscapes Productions, inviting you to explore the charming beauty of an unique house. One house tickling all your senses with music, poetry and performances. Taste, feel, hear and experience this one special building whilst climbing from room to room discovering surprising beauty.House of Whispers is the colorful farewell party of the HuismethetHandje. Therefore, you will be able to explore the house, twice. House of Whispers Part I will start at 15:00 and Part II will reveal the nightly version and start at 21:00."Find your way to where the fall of night is whispering songs in secret places. A place, where sun and moon meet…"Location: HuismethetHandje, Achter de Barakken 35Tickets: € 10 pre-sale / € 12 at the door Tickets: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook click here   
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      House of Whispers

    • Nightscapes meets Global Caravan at DVERS festival 5 oktober 2013 21.00 - 00.30 uur   On the market of Sittard we present you a beautiful Nightscapes livingroom with lovely acoustic concerts and poetry. With: 21:00 - 21:30 Quramitry (band)21:45 − 22:15 Christopher Green (band)22:30 − 23:00 Roza Parks (Band)23:15 − 23:45 Secret Sessions met Maarten van den Berg en David Marx (poëzie & muziek)00:00 − 00:30 Balkan Beats-Global Caravan (Dj Janusch and Hapu & Sòj)  More info: www.dvers.nl
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      Nightscapes @ Dvers festival

    • SECRET PLACESA Festival by Nightscapes28 September 2013 Tickets: € 12,- / € 15,-Time: 14.00 doors open - 1.30 endRESERVATIONS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "The night during day, the day during night… And suddenly the world holds. No more turning. A silent sigh reveals the entrance to our Secret Place. A place where future and past are reunited. A place where time has been forgotten…." On 28 September Nightscapes Productions is organzing their first little festival. A festival just before the autumn clouds are setteling, Secret Places - a festival by Nightscapes ... Somewhere hidden away in Maastricht at our Secret Place, we will seduce you an entire day and night with magic, mysteries, poetry, fairy tales, food and drinks… Bands, performances and singer-songwriters will amaze you and heaten up your spirits. Just enter our Secret Place and feel, see, hear and taste our little Nightscapes magic, transform and dance along with Cat under the last summer moon. And even cupido will make his appearance….  The location of the festival will remain an endless secret. Send us an e-mail and you will receive the phone-number of Cat Sphinges. Call her on 28 September and she will tell you the way to our Secret Places. As this is a true Nightscapes event, we only have limited tickets, so please buy your tickets on time by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     LINE-UP:  ♫ KING DALTON (be) ♫ - FolkbluesGevormd door 2 folkbroers Pieter en Jonas De Meester en 2 muziekiconen tout court, Jorunn Bauweraerts (Lais/Prima Donkey) en Tomas De Smet (Moondog Jr/Zita Swoon/Think of One)!Met zijn 4en trekken ze langs bars & kleinere podia om hun avantgarde folkblues repitition onstuimig los te laten en dit levert hen niet enkel enthousiaste disgenoten op maar ook supports in OLT met Absynthe Minded & een supporttour in NL met My Morning Jacket in 2012!3 jaar na oprichting, met circa 100 royal songs rijker en een ontdekking pur sang door indielabel WasteMyRecords later, is er de dan de langverwachte zelfgetitelde langspeler!Sexy als Prince, groovy like Morphine & rauw als Tow Waits, that's the sound of King Dalton!♫ LIQUID SUN ORCHESTRA (nl) ♫ - AfrobeatLSO was born late autumn 2011, after the spirit of the late great Nigerian creator Fela Kuti  – one of Africa's greatest muscial heroes – visited a few musicians in and around Amsterdam. Liquid Sun Orchestra takes his musical legacy as a starting point, but mixes it with other African traditions and give it a twist with  their own colours and grooves. LSO is a versatile and big orchestra that bridges different cultures and generations.   Thanks to the different backgrounds, every member (in total 15!!) of this orchestra throws in his  ''favorite flavour'' in the steaming cooking pot. De LSO dish tastes like Nigerian Afrobeat, but also contains a spark of reggae, a whiff of jazz, a touch of dub and soul.  Added are a tasty funksauce and also all kinds of exotic herbs and spices that are the secret of the chef.  Do not expect a fancy liveshow with light frills, but a tasteful pot of steady, groovy and inspiring afrofunk. ♫ FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY (nl) ♫ - Indie/Folk In de zomer van 2012 zagen Rotterdam en Den Haag de geboorte van het indiefolkcollectief “Friends of the Family”. Acht jonge muzikanten, elk betoverd door de meeslepende melodieën van de Engelse/Amerikaanse folkscene. Het is een bijzondere ervaring om deze jongens te zien spelen. Zowel de manier waarop ze spelen als de reactie van het publiek heeft iets euforisch, iets aanstekelijks en komen ze weg met vergelijkingen als Mumford & Sons en Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Ondertussen krijg je als toeschouwer steeds meer het gevoel dat je onderdeel uitmaakt van een muziek makende ‘Family’ waarbij de banjo’s, akoestische gitaren, mandolines en zelfs Ierse low whistles je om de oren vliegen! Geef deze jongens een podium en je krijgt rampestampende indiefolk die indruk maakt met een akoestisch geluid, dat zich diep in je geheugen zal nestelen!!♫ WOLVES DRESSED IN SHEEP (nl) ♫ -  Country/FolkMuziek, en onvervalste liederen uit het hart met een country/folk of popachtige sound♫ MARISCHKA CONNECTION (it/be) ♫ - Folkrock StorytellersWe are Marichka Connection, italian folk-rock storytellers.Our style is the interconnection between the various musical souls of the band: the classical background of Ariella’s violin, the Italian lyrics of Emanuele’s stories, the rock rythms of Stefano's bass, the folk ambience of Alessandro’s guitars.​Viola, Piano, Sax, Accordeon, Guitars, Violin, Bass and Percussions appear and disappear in performances constellated by guests, illustrating stories and images of freedom, battles, storms, water, fire, love, detachment, hope, hell and paradise.♫ POWER TO THE PIPO (nl) ♫ - Jazzy Funk and Funky Jazz Power to the Pipo is a Dutch no-nonsense Jazz-fun(k) band playing jazzy funk and funky jazz. These are of course lots of them. but there is one thing this band is particulary good at, and that is to get the party started!♫ MERVIE (co/be) ♫ - Gospel/Nu Soul/Folk Une guitare, une voix timbrée, des chansons soul teintées de folk et d’inspirations néo gospel, ainsi peut-on décrire Mervie. Avec comme thèmes l’amour, la foi et l’espérance, ses compositions ont pour principal objectif de véhiculer un message positif.Née en février 1991 au Congo Brazzaville, cette jeune femme arrive en Belgique à l’âge de deux ans. Dès sa tendre enfance, elle baigne dans la musique . En effet, elle apprend le solfège et le piano dès l’âge de 7 ans ainsi que la guitare à l’adolescence.En 2009, l’envie de partager sa passion la pousse à se lancer dans l’aventure musicale. Armée de sa guitare et de ses textes, la jeune chanteuse participe à plusieurs événements tels que Jam Sessions, Talents Show, Gospel Festival, Gospel After, Afro péro, Tempo color et Miss Congo-Belgium. Son aisance scénique lui permet également de faire les premières parties du rappeur gospel Shining et du chanteur JC Villafan.Éclectique et admiratrice de sonorités très diversifiées, elle travaille actuellement sur son premier EP qui devrait voir le jour dès cet automne.    ♫♫ MANY MANY MORE SURPRISES TO BE DISCOVERD ♫♫This is just a small list of all the nice treats you'll find on the festival... Just come and see for your self and get drowned in all the lovely magic!!Expect music to dance, singer songwriters deep down in the forest, performances to amaze and a campire full of magic.....                                
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      Secret Places - a festival by Nightscapes Festival

    • Nightscapes Sessions #9Where Nightly Flowers Grow Friday 30 august 2013TICKET RESERVATION CLICK HERE   "And when the moon is setting, flower blossom and secret songs will fulfill the silence of the night. Magical giants will rise to pursuit you shelter of the night… "  Follow Cat Sphinges into the nightly fields, discovering magical flowers only blossoming for this night to be shared.   ♦ This session will host singer-songwriters CHARLES FRAIL  enchanting us with his magical spheric music. ♦ The band  ESPERANSKA will supply us with an amazing Mediterranean Soundclash. of Ska, Swing, Polka, Surf & Rock'n'Roll.   Just imagine, us dancing under the moonlight in the nightly fields. Still there will be many nightly surprises to be kept and to be discovered…   Tickets: € 10,- / € 12,-   As usual, tickets are limited and available by sending us an e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) PLEASE NOTE; Wearing a tie during the session is obligatory even for the ladies..   And the entire session will be outside, so make sure you take a jacket with you along into the fields, as the nights are fresh at this time of the year… In case of rain, we will provide you a warm and dry shelter….   " Under the last summer moon we will be united and dance till the stars loose their blossom… "  
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      Nightscapes Sessions #9 - Where Nightly Flowers Grow

    • Nightscapes meets Scenes Connected 3 28/29/30 juni Nightscapes will be joining the ScenesConnected Festival with a sweet little area full of surprises and a sniff of magic… Just drop by and wish you could stay forever… Wanna join us or perform in our sweet little area?Send us an emailor have a look http://scenesconnected.eu/ideas/  
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      Nightscapes meets Scenes Connected 3

    • Nightscapes Social Media Workshop 18 juni 2013 - Eerste Hulp voor jouw creatieve exposure   Ben jij een muzikant, kunstenaar, ontwerper of een creatieve geest? Vind jij het lastig, ingewikkeld en nogal complex om jezelf en je creativiteit via de sociale media te presenteren? Voor iedereen met artistieke uitingen organiseert Nightscapes Productions op 18 juni 2013 de Nightscapes Social Media Workshop.Tijdens deze workshop leer je de ins-and-outs van Social Media. Toegespitst op iedereen met een creatieve geest, nemen onze twee Social Media experts je een avondje mee het grote wijde web in. Geen ingewikkelde technische verhalen, maar praktische tips en duidelijke leidraden tijdens een kleinschalige interactieve workshop-sessie in de inspirerende performance venue KORRIDOR. Datum: 18 juni 2013 Tijd: 19:30 uur – ca.23:00 uur Locatie: KORRIDOR, Sint Nicolaasstraat 26c, Maastricht Kosten: € 20 ex. BTW Maximale aantal deelnemers: 12 personen Inschrijvingen via mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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      Nightscapes Social Media Workshop

    • Nightscapes Sessions #8 Nightscapes goes Kunsttour On 19 May 2013, the Sunday night of the Kunsttour 2013 (don’t worry, most of us will be free on Monday), when the sun is just setting, we will be re-unified for Nightscapes Sessions #8 , a Nightscapes Session with an extra additional sniff of art. Our Nightscapes Sessions #8 will be opened by an amazing Fashion-show by Solmode, with surprising models and spectacular performances right in the middle of the streets! Nightscapes Sessions #8 will take you to places you have never been before, opening the art of this city. Just meet us, follow your guide, she will show you the way and carry you to discover this night’s beauty around corners with mesmerizing acts, to little concerts in silent empty art-spaces… And we are proud that The Mad Trist will be playing their especially-for-the-Nightscapes-Sessions-fine-tuned-first-ever-official acoustic concert during Nightscapes Sessions #8. A night to be promised, a night to be shared. A night to be ours!     LIVE  ♫♫ SOLMODE - Fashion Show ♫♫ ♫♫ THE MAD TRIST ♫♫ ♫♫ PAUWEL DE MEYER ♫♫ ♫♫ AMBULANCE ♫♫ Tickets: Send an E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. And Cat will be touring with art and you and the night. As usual the sweet little details of this session will remain a secret of the night to be.    And Cat will be waiting for you near the candles, together with my entourage, ready to take you into this night to be discovered, its secrets to be revealed. ”One single shivering promise. Night-Watch will become Day-Watch. Watch-Days will rise into Watch-Nights. Still I will be sitting here, waiting for you. Waiting for you. For you waiting. You waiting for. Waiting and counting the miles towards the moon...” Date: 19 May 2013 - 19:00 Meetingpoint: H&M, Mosae Forum, Maastricht Tickets: € 8 Pre-Sale / € 10 at the MeetingpointPre-Sale tickets send an E-mail to NightscapesProductions(at)gmail.com
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      Nightscapes goes Kunsttour

    • NIGHTWISE #1 Part of the Migration festival The names of our streets, towns, cities or countries may varyThe colour of our skin, eyes, the texture of our hairThe culture, language and believes Yet we are the sameI am we are Migration…   As part of Mirroring Migration: An independent festival on migration and refugees, Nightscapes Productions is proud to present the very first NIGHTWISE session: A night filled with music, performance and storytelling. A night you simply cannot miss, where cultures of all sorts meet, intertwine and blend into a thrilling combination that will leave you inspired. "The night is a world lit by itself"Antonio Porchia MEETING POINTMondiaal Centrum – Cortenstraat 4, 6211HT Maastricht DATE26th of April, 19.00h TICKETSpresale 5€/door 6.50€Pre-sale tickets at Jules & You (MEMBER DEAL 4€) or Get your ticket by sending an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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    • Nightscapes Sessions #7 'The Birthday Celebration' 23 March 2013 - " Let us share the memories, let us feast, let us be for this night to be shared in its magic ..." It's been a year since our first Nightscapes Session. It's been a year full of nightscaping surprises and adventures. It’s been 365 days filled with Nightscapes Productions even during day-time. This is the perfect occasion to share a very special night with you! Join our very special secret Nightscapes Birthday Celebration Session on 23 March 2013. Get your ticket, bring a gift and we will take care of the rest! ARTISTS: Anne SoldaatBirdtDa MusicaTony ZTokkelbroodAnd many many more!!! MEETINGPOINT: Kunstfront 45 Maastricht
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      Nightscapes Sessions #7 - The birthday Celebration

    • NIGHTSCAPES SESSIONSBrussels edition #1   "I found my way to where the fall of night is whispering songs in secret places. A place, where sun and moon meet. Nights are scaping, scaping are the nights. I will take your hand and open the door to the secret of this night..."   TONIGHT, at 8 pm in Saint Gilles; Find the entrance of the park across the street of No 86 Rue de Parme and follow the candles, they will lead you to the meeting point of Nightscapes Sessions!   Nightscapes is Europe’s most secret, itinerant night for those who suffer from wanderlust! The journey begins tomorrow at 8pm, somewhere, in Saint-Gilles… Two masked ladies will guide you throughout and reward your trust with enchantment. We promise you a trip into the subconcious – a truly new experience to explore the unknown love for the unknown. Nightscapes will enhance your love for secrecy. Line-Up: ♫ ROYAL PARKS (nl) ♫ ♫ EVA (nl) ♫ ♫ AMBULANCE (be) ♫♫ LEA SOLEX (fr) ♫   We are looking forward to seeing you, at 8pm. Find the entrance of the park across the street of No 86 Rue de Parme in Saint Gilles and follow the candles, they will lead you to the meeting-point…. Secure your tickets at:  https://dashboard.ticketscript.com/channel/web2/start-order/rid/VBQD2PTQ/language/en/cache/0(€ 7 - presale / €10 - at the mysterious door) The night will be followed by the ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ INDIEROOM AFTERPARTY ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ @ Buillon Kube, Rue Vlogaert 4, 1060 Saint Gilles! Free entrance for those with Nightscapes tickets, 5€ for the others!!! The IndieRoom collective, after ensuring unforgettable experiences for party-harders @ Antitapas Nights will burn the dancefloor with an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic indie-rock, electro-rock and new wave hits!
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      Nightscapes Sessions - Brussels Edition #1

    • Nightscapes Sessions #6 One-Way-Ticket to Hell -OR-One Last Night Without Christmas 14 December 2012   "I can see myself in you, your eyes reflecting the expectations, the promises to be... And then I call your name, half of it is mine..." As Christmas is approaching and we all get busy buying gifts and planning the great great menu for this very special day, Cat will take you into her night one last time this year... For one night we forget about Christmas and all our plans. For one more night it is just you and her and the night... For one more night, 4 locations and 6 great performances. During this ride to hell you can enjoy:   *Royal Parks - the band of Diederik Nomden, ex-Johan/ex-Daryll-Ann *Clean Pete - Singer-songwriter duo by that time probably the winner of De Grote Prijs van Nederland *Nu Nog Even Niet - (cancelled) The project of Chantal Acda, singer of the Belgium band Isbells * Urizen - A project inspired by the works of William Blake. Combining music, images and words, Lars Ickenroth and Thijs Leuven   And the secret acts this night will reveal...   Cat will wait for you at 20.00 at the Helpoort (where else…), in Maastricht.   "One more night to be shared in this year soon to be ended..."   20.00 at the Helpoort in Maastricht Tickets are €8 in the Pre-sale / €10 at the Helpoort-doors Ticket-Reservation/ PRE-SALE by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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      Nightscapes Sessions #6 - One way ticket to Hell

    • NightClub 'A Brand New Design By Nightscapes' 9th of november 2012 Imagine an impressive empty house filled with Arts, Music, Videos, Live Performance and a sniff of Nightscapes. A setting that only exists for one single night. A night where we blow back life into this empty house. A night, where it regains its destination. A nightly illusion only to be alive for one single night During the first NightClub edition the following artists will perform:       Music: ** The Sea (UK) ** Cougars in America (BE) ** Tony Z (NL)   Artist: ** Sander van Kessel (NL) ** Ulrike Henss (GER) ** Armand Wachelder (NL) ** Marie van Vollenhoven (NL) ** Swampwood (NL) ** Negakinu (NL) ** Ivo Pool (NL) ** Pascal Moors - Nose for Photography (NL) ** Lars Ickenroth (NL) Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive this night's NightClub location.
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      Nightclub - A new design by Nightscapes

    • NIGHTSCAPES SESSIONS #5'Back to the Basics' 26 oktober 2012 "As autumn enters, the air carries this sniff of colored leaves and I will start searching, once again, all over again, a place where only we can hide..."It's time to get cosy, to gamble around a nice warm fireplace and listen to beautiful music.Cat will be waiting for you, somewhere, but she will be waiting for you to join her into this October night. To follow her and meet: *** MAN IN AWE (BE) *** *** MARC MAHFOUD (GR) *** *** ANGELO GREGORIO (IT) *** *** SMILING INDUSTRIES (NL) ***   Meetingpoint: Hochterpoort Maastricht (Behind the building of Leger des Heils at de Boschstraat) PRE-SALE TICKETS are € 8,00 and can be ordered by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. TICKETS at the meeting point are €10,00 And as usual, we have only limited space, don't wait too long before ordering....(that's a tip not a threat...)
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      Nightscapes Sessions #5 - Back to the Basics

    • ‘Though the night was made for loving and the day returns too soon, Yet we'll go a-roving, by the light of the moon’ Byron   MOONLIGHT SERENADES8 October 2012 With this special edition of Nightscapes Sessions, we want to celebrate our 40th anniversary with everyone who wants to be surprised by mellowacoustic tunes and beautiful poetry throughout the lovely city centre of Maastricht...   Acts - Music by Bearskin (BE)- Poetry by Nae- Singer-songwriter Silke Dankers- After-party by Quramitry     Meeting point: Boschstraat 24, entrance Sphinxpark Price - 5 euro (pay at meeting point)Reserve tickets with full name, number of tickets and name of event @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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      Moonlight Serenades

    • "I was dreaming of this place, where time is freezing and illusions become reality... You and me were dancing on the heavenly wire. And I opened my eyes and found myself" NIGHTSCAPES SESSIONS #4Follow the Light As always, Cat and her entourage will be waiting for you on the meeting point and lead you into the night... She will wait for you somewhere at the skateboarding area at De Griend.Just follow the lights at the entrance of the Q-parking...   This night will host 4 acts: * The premiere of the acoustic set of Sparrow Falls* Jick Munro & The Amazing Laserbeams* General Bazaar's Tigermoth Adventure (GB/BE) "For the time being it was just you and me and the moon and the stars"  Tickets (7,50 euro p.p.) can be purchased by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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      Nightscapes Sessions #4 - Follow the Light

    • NIGHTSCAPES MEETSBOKPOP14-15 July 2012   From 'Scenes Connected' to 'Bokpop'; from Maastricht to Valkenburg ...We just recovered from Scenes Connected Festival and barely a week later our Nightscapes Sessions are leaving the secure borders of our home-town, for the first time in the short history of Nightscapes Productions. The woods are lovely, dark and full of hidden mistery... Together with Kensington, Nae, Ben Weinberg, Anne-Linde van de Veen, Scott Hamilton, Clean Pete, Jim Salabim, Cat Sphinges, Mikki Mo, Davina Versteeg and our beloved wisdom-man J. we would love to welcome you on Saturday 15 July and Sunday 16 July in our magical wood on Bokpop. Just drop by for a deep breath and you won't even need a ticket for Bokpop...
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      Nightscapes meets - Bokpop

    • NIGHTSCAPES MEETSSCENES CONNECTED   Imagine a stage you can't imagine, a stage deep down in the woods... You are sitting in the middle of it, surrounded by magical lights and sweet sweet music... The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, carrying promises of the night... Nightscapes Productions gives you a highlight of the last 3 Nightscapes Sessions and we even added some new ones!! With Live Deep Down in the Woods: *Annelinde van de Veen *awkward i vs. the Mad Trist & Sparrow Falls *David Marx *Eva *Jim Salabim *Piroschka Triska Trio More info and tickets: www.scenesconnected.eu
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      Nightscapes meets - Scenes Connected

    • ''And as we meet again, in the silver light of the first June moon, I will open the hidden door to the secrets of the night..." NIGHTSCAPES SESSIONS #3LIVE into the Wild1st June 2012 Take a magical trip into the wilderness of the night, entering 4 secret locations you have never explored before. Taste music that changes the moon's colour, experience poetry that leads into the purple haze of the streets. Discover this 1st June night and its revealing secrets...   In this special Live Into The Wild edition we will scape the Night with: ♦ The Serious Beans Project and their ALBUM RELEASE ♦ Cougars in America (CAN/BE)♦ David Marx (BE)♦ Imam Hotep ♦ David Miguillon Quartet♦♦ And more to be announced!! Meet Cat at the meeting point at 20.00 at the Boschstraat 24 and she will guide you throughout the night. Entrance: € 7,50 (including drink) Make your ticket-reservations at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More info: www.NightscapesProductions.nl   "When the moon changes colour, you will follow me into the purple haze of this night..."
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      Nightscapes Sessions #3 - Live into the Wild

    • Nightscapes Productions and Muziekgieterij proudly presents: Cat SwingsWorld/Balkan/Folk/Party edition Wednesday 2nd of May   LIVE on stage: Mama Rosin (SUI) ZYDECO BLUES CAJUN TRASH R'N'R MUSIC These young rebels live and love the Cajun/Zydeco music style, whose roots go way back to the 18th century. Cajun music was brought to the South of the United States, to Louisiana, by French immigrants from Canada, where fast rhythms met slow waltz. Zydeco music added Afro‐Caribbean rhythms. Songs were sung in French and/or in Creole. The vocals were usually very high and loud so even people at the back could hear them!Somehow Mama Rosin found the original soul of Louisiana on the banks of Lake Geneva. Robin Girod has been playing guitar and banjo as long as he can remember. His teenage years were spent listening to an enormous amount of music from jazz, to blues, to caribbean, african, and rock’n’roll. Old mate Cyril Yeterian is obsessed with the various styles of music to be found around the Gulf of Mexico. Hop Stop Banda (DE)Alternative / Gypsy Boogie, Gangster Swing / Soviet TangoWhen a Jew meets up with a Chilean, a Russian, a German and a Tatar it sounds more like the beginning of a politically incorrect joke, but if you add a double bass, guitar, accordion, saxophone and flute then it sounds like HopStop! An obscure mix of folk music made up of Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish and Oriental elements and charged with Latin/Balkan grooves. This is the kind of music that puts you in a good mood and gets you up on your feet. Even the biggest bore can turn into a party animal upon hearing HopStop. Tickets: Pre-sale: 6,50Doors: 8,-   Start: 20.00h   Get your tickets @ www.muziekgieterij.nl
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      Cat Swings - Mama Rosin

    • After the big succes of the first edition we are ready for our second one. Nightscapes Sessions # 2Live at your Livingroom Friday 20th of April 2012   Artists: ♦Jimmy Dee & Band Jimmy’s stylistic influences include reggae, pop, rock and folk; with favorite artists like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Live. The so called “acoustic troubadour” has been traveling the world to acquire inspiration from different cultures and ways of life. Recently, he put the pieces of the puzzle together and released his debut album called “Shine” (featuring Angelo and Gino Bombrini). ♦ Eva Eva van Eekeren enchants you with her songs, guitar and piano ♦ SPIT Stand Up Stand-up poet SPIT and his inseparable guitar. ♦ Junkestra Junkestra is a 5-headed band from Maastricht. They give you a nice mix of different styles. From nice dancable beats to funk, from sweaty grooves to catchy punk. Put on your dancing shoes and party with Junkesta's sweaty-groovin'-funkalicious-hip-to-the-hop-jazziness! ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ This special event will take place on 3 locations!! Meet us at the meeting point and your host will guide you. Scape the Night. Make your reservations at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Keep an eye on our website, facebook or subscibe to our mailinglist to get updated!!     Meetingpoint: Griend 6-7 (at the candles in front of the entrance of Maastricht Music Hall) Entrance: € 7,50 (including drink) Start: 20.00 For those wo missed the first edition, here is the video!!
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      Nightscapes Sessions #2 - Live in your Livingroom

    • NIGHTSCAPES SESSIONSLIVE at your livingroom concert 3 March 2012 This special night will take place on 3 locations! Come and meet us at the meeting point and your host will guide you to the show. Be Amazed!! Meetingpoint: Lakenweversplein (at the candles)On Stage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------* awkward i* Annelinde van de Veen* Nae* Power To The Pipo   !!!Limited tickets available!!Make your reservation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send a message to Cat Sphinges Entrance € 5,- , Including Drink!!!
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      Nightscapes Sessions #1 - Live in your Livingroom

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    • Nightscapes Sessions Nightscapes Sessions are Europe’s most secret, itinerant night for those who love discovering the unknown! Nightscapes Sessions are
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      Nightscapes Sessions

    • NightClub Imagine an impressive empty house filled with Arts, Music, Videos, Live Performances and a sniff of Nightscapes.A setting that
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    • Nightscapes meets Festivals Due to our experience of realising professional stages on uncommon places, Nightscapes Productions has a broad expertise
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      Nightscapes meets Festival

    • NightWiseIt feels like a Nightscapes Session but always has a specific subject and carries a tiny amount of awareness: NightWise
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  • Contact: Nightscapes Productions VOF Maastrichter Grachtstraat 32A6211BG MaastrichtVAT: NL851569973B01KVK: 55111009Skype: Cat SphingesOr contact us on Facebook info(at)nightscapesproductions.nl If the form
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