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maskerAbout Nightscapes Productions

Nightscapes Productions is a production and event company based in Maastricht offering a wide range of activities and services all based on the principle that anything is possible. A Nightscapes Production’s event is an event realized with a minimum of resources, plenty of passion and a sniff of magic.

By realizing cultural events on locations, normally not used nor equipped for this purposes, we aim to supply the cultural field with a good portion low-culture, cultural events with an edge, culture out of the underground.

Nightscapes Productions aims to act as a counterbalance to the greater part of the cultural sector. By taking cultural events out of their common context and institution we attempt to bring back music, theatre, films, performances, dance, poetry and art to the common people and the city itself.

For our events we are searching and creating our own stages, mainly due to the lack of available and affordable stages. By reinforcing the natural characteristics of the location in question and making it suitable for our cultural purposes, we are able to create astonishing stages for the duration of one night. Abandoned empty spaces regain back the magic of life, providing talented (international) artist the opportunity to present themselves in a professional context in front of an audience.

Nightscapes Productions creates easy approachable events on unexpected locations, locations normally not accessible for the audience, locations normally not used for cultural purposes.

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