Katrin Henss Nightscapes Productions foto by Bert JanssenTaking a look behind the scenes

    Nightscapes Productions is Katrin Henss, the infamous Cat-Crew and, of course Cat Sphinges. Based on the urge to be the difference by organizing events Katrin decided to found Nightscapes Productions VOF, a company that can see the opportunities instead of the problems. During all our activities and events we are always supported by the Cat-Crew and our crew of professional (sound)engineers.

    Katrin Henss
    The tall blondy. Katrin is our social-multi-media expert and takes care of the public relations of Nightscapes Productions. Having organized cultural events on of all ranges and sizes for Studium Generale on a weekly basis for six years as well as monthly bookings and concerts for the Muziekgieterij, she is the one when it comes to Popmusic and acoustic singer-songwriters. Next to doing the bookings and developing events, she is doing the (tour)management of several bands. Her crazy out-of-the-box ideas carry us to another limit.

    Cat Sphinges
    The lady with the mask and the wild hair. She has been created to be the face of Nightscapes Productions (her name is an anagram of Nightscapes). Cat is the muse, the lady of the night, she writes the poems and supplies us with the necessary magic. Her outfit is always designed by Solmode. Cat is the host of the Nightscapes Sessions and mainly appears during the magical events of Nightscapes Productions.

    The Cat-Crew
    Our enthusiastic, dedicated and committed group of volunteers. The Cat Crew is an essential part of Nightscapes Productions, as we could not realize anything without their helping hands and their endless dedication. Thanks guys!
    If you would also like to be part of the Cat-Crew, just send us an e-mail and start realizing the impossible, together with all of us.