Nightscapes FestivalSECRET PLACES
A Festival by Nightscapes

28 September 2013

Tickets: € 12,- / € 15,-
Time: 14.00 doors open - 1.30 end
RESERVATIONS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The night during day, the day during night… And suddenly the world holds. No more turning. A silent sigh reveals the entrance to our Secret Place. A place where future and past are reunited. A place where time has been forgotten…."

On 28 September Nightscapes Productions is organzing their first little festival. A festival just before the autumn clouds are setteling, Secret Places - a festival by Nightscapes ... Somewhere hidden away in Maastricht at our Secret Place, we will seduce you an entire day and night with magic, mysteries, poetry, fairy tales, food and drinks… Bands, performances and singer-songwriters will amaze you and heaten up your spirits. Just enter our Secret Place and feel, see, hear and taste our little Nightscapes magic, transform and dance along with Cat under the last summer moon. And even cupido will make his appearance….

 The location of the festival will remain an endless secret. Send us an e-mail and you will receive the phone-number of Cat Sphinges. Call her on 28 September and she will tell you the way to our Secret Places. As this is a true Nightscapes event, we only have limited tickets, so please buy your tickets on time by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





♫ KING DALTON (be) ♫ - Folkblues
Gevormd door 2 folkbroers Pieter en Jonas De Meester en 2 muziekiconen tout court, Jorunn Bauweraerts (Lais/Prima Donkey) en Tomas De Smet (Moondog Jr/Zita Swoon/Think of One)!
Met zijn 4en trekken ze langs bars & kleinere podia om hun avantgarde folkblues repitition onstuimig los te laten en dit levert hen niet enkel enthousiaste disgenoten op maar ook supports in OLT met Absynthe Minded & een supporttour in NL met My Morning Jacket in 2012!
3 jaar na oprichting, met circa 100 royal songs rijker en een ontdekking pur sang door indielabel WasteMyRecords later, is er de dan de langverwachte zelfgetitelde langspeler!
Sexy als Prince, groovy like Morphine & rauw als Tow Waits, that's the sound of King Dalton!

LIQUID SUN ORCHESTRA (nl) ♫ - Afrobeat
LSO was born late autumn 2011, after the spirit of the late great Nigerian creator Fela Kuti  – one of Africa's greatest muscial heroes – visited a few musicians in and around Amsterdam. Liquid Sun Orchestra takes his musical legacy as a starting point, but mixes it with other African traditions and give it a twist with  their own colours and grooves. LSO is a versatile and big orchestra that bridges different cultures and generations.  
Thanks to the different backgrounds, every member (in total 15!!) of this orchestra throws in his  ''favorite flavour'' in the steaming cooking pot. De LSO dish tastes like Nigerian Afrobeat, but also contains a spark of reggae, a whiff of jazz, a touch of dub and soul.  Added are a tasty funksauce and also all kinds of exotic herbs and spices that are the secret of the chef.  Do not expect a fancy liveshow with light frills, but a tasteful pot of steady, groovy and inspiring afrofunk. 

♫ FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY (nl) ♫ - Indie/Folk

In de zomer van 2012 zagen Rotterdam en Den Haag de geboorte van het indiefolkcollectief “Friends of the Family”. Acht jonge muzikanten, elk betoverd door de meeslepende melodieën van de Engelse/Amerikaanse folkscene. 
Het is een bijzondere ervaring om deze jongens te zien spelen. Zowel de manier waarop ze spelen als de reactie van het publiek heeft iets euforisch, iets aanstekelijks en komen ze weg met vergelijkingen als Mumford & Sons en Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Ondertussen krijg je als toeschouwer steeds meer het gevoel dat je onderdeel uitmaakt van een muziek makende ‘Family’ waarbij de banjo’s, akoestische gitaren, mandolines en zelfs Ierse low whistles je om de oren vliegen!
Geef deze jongens een podium en je krijgt rampestampende indiefolk die indruk maakt met een akoestisch geluid, dat zich diep in je geheugen zal nestelen!!

♫ WOLVES DRESSED IN SHEEP (nl) ♫ -  Country/Folk
Muziek, en onvervalste liederen uit het hart met een country/folk of popachtige sound

♫ MARISCHKA CONNECTION (it/be) ♫ - Folkrock Storytellers
We are Marichka Connection, italian folk-rock storytellers.
Our style is the interconnection between the various musical souls of the band: the classical background of Ariella’s violin, the Italian lyrics of Emanuele’s stories, the rock rythms of Stefano's bass, the folk ambience of Alessandro’s guitars.
Viola, Piano, Sax, Accordeon, Guitars, Violin, Bass and Percussions appear and disappear in performances constellated by guests, illustrating stories and images of freedom, battles, storms, water, fire, love, detachment, hope, hell and paradise.

♫ POWER TO THE PIPO (nl) ♫ -Jazzy Funk and Funky Jazz
 Power to the Pipo is a Dutch no-nonsense Jazz-fun(k) band playing jazzy funk and funky jazz. These are of course lots of them. but there is one thing this band is particulary good at, and that is to get the party started!

♫ MERVIE (co/be) ♫ - Gospel/Nu Soul/Folk

Une guitare, une voix timbrée, des chansons soul teintées de folk et d’inspirations néo gospel, ainsi peut-on décrire Mervie. Avec comme thèmes l’amour, la foi et l’espérance, ses compositions ont pour principal objectif de véhiculer un message positif.
Née en février 1991 au Congo Brazzaville, cette jeune femme arrive en Belgique à l’âge de deux ans. Dès sa tendre enfance, elle baigne dans la musique . En effet, elle apprend le solfège et le piano dès l’âge de 7 ans ainsi que la guitare à l’adolescence.
En 2009, l’envie de partager sa passion la pousse à se lancer dans l’aventure musicale. Armée de sa guitare et de ses textes, la jeune chanteuse participe à plusieurs événements tels que Jam Sessions, Talents Show, Gospel Festival, Gospel After, Afro péro, Tempo color et Miss Congo-Belgium. Son aisance scénique lui permet également de faire les premières parties du rappeur gospel Shining et du chanteur JC Villafan.Éclectique et admiratrice de sonorités très diversifiées, elle travaille actuellement sur son premier EP qui devrait voir le jour dès cet automne.



This is just a small list of all the nice treats you'll find on the festival... Just come and see for your self and get drowned in all the lovely magic!!
Expect music to dance, singer songwriters deep down in the forest, performances to amaze and a campire full of magic.....