kunstwerken in het huis2Nightscapes Productions presents:

House of Whispers

So long, Bye, Bye, Farewell HuismethetHandje

11 january 2014

Part I - 15:00
Part II - 21:00

"One house whispering in all its chambers. One house revealing its beautiful magic. One house seducing you to discover its hidden corners filled with untold beauty. One house is murmuring a sweet goodbye…"

House of Whispers is a brand new design of Nightscapes Productions, inviting you to explore the charming beauty of an unique house. One house tickling all your senses with music, poetry and performances. Taste, feel, hear and experience this one special building whilst climbing from room to room discovering surprising beauty.

House of Whispers is the colorful farewell party of the HuismethetHandje. Therefore, you will be able to explore the house, twice.
House of Whispers Part I will start at 15:00 and Part II will reveal the nightly version and start at 21:00.

"Find your way to where the fall of night is whispering songs in secret places. A place, where sun and moon meet…

"Location: HuismethetHandje, Achter de Barakken 35
Tickets: € 10 pre-sale / € 12 at the door

Tickets: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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