Nightscapes Sessions - SSHT, By the ghost of the river

A Brussels edition

25 january 2014

A boat, following the nightly flow of a river long forgotten. A boat, flowing on a river aiming for a city living in in oblivion. A city where the night is whispering songs on secretly forgotten places.

Meet us on 25 January at 20:00 at a secret meeting point and we will carry you into a night where untold stories will be heard whilst secret locations will reveal their nightly beauty.  

Follow the path of the forgotten river city along the affluents of the underground Senne and discover the night accompanied by beautiful music, poetry and performances. A Nightscapes Session to experience Brussels in a completely unique way.

But Shht… the details of this event will remain secret until the night to be!



* The Mad Trist (NL)

* Power to the Pipo (NL)

* Eduardo Matos (BR/BE) -- Artistic collaboration with Expart

RADAR – a danced sound concert (NL)

* Blossoms (UK)


This event is a collaboration between Nightscapes Productions, SHHT-The magazine of untold architecture and Recyclart



Start: 20:00

Tickets: €8,- / € 12

Reservation tickets: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
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