nightclub foto janNightClub

'A Brand New Design By Nightscapes'

9th of november 2012

Imagine an impressive empty house filled with Arts, Music, Videos, Live Performance and a sniff of Nightscapes.

A setting that only exists for one single night.

A night where we blow back life into this empty house. A night, where it regains its destination. A nightly illusion only to be alive for one single night

During the first NightClub edition the following artists will perform:





** The Sea (UK)

** Cougars in America (BE)

** Tony Z (NL)



** Sander van Kessel (NL)

** Ulrike Henss (GER)

** Armand Wachelder (NL)

** Marie van Vollenhoven (NL)

** Swampwood (NL)

** Negakinu (NL)

** Ivo Pool (NL)

** Pascal Moors - Nose for Photography (NL)

** Lars Ickenroth (NL)

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