nightclub hoofdNIGHTCLUB
12 december 2014 
13/21 december 2014 OFF program & EXPO

Fee: Minimum €2,50
 the dresscode is a TIE ….

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all..."

Imagine an impressive historical house filled with Arts, Music, Videos, Live Performance and a sniff of Nightscapes magic. A setting that only exists for one single night.

NightClub, a night where we blow back life into a historical house, hidden away in the city of Maastricht. A night, where it regains its destination. A nightly illusion only to be alive for one single night.



10 different artists will transform the chambers of the NightClub into their own surrealistic worlds.
( amongst others):

Rebecca Treur
Etienne van Berlo
Esther Van de Pas
De Tekenkingz
Ramon Schoonbrood & Michiel Muyres
Patrick Bolk
Marc de Vree

Davina Versteeg


Alek et Les Japonaises, アレック エ レ ジャポネーズ, Los Venturas performances and DJ V and some magic of Bernadette Huijbers will provide you the ultimate NightClub experience. 

There are no tickets, only a donation fee and once the NightClub is full, its doors will remain closed, so be on time...

But be aware, you may only enter the NightClub with the correct password and the required dresscode...
In order to receive the password and the exact location of the Nightclub, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Regardless your sex, the dresscode is a TIE ….

OFF Program

Sat 13 december 19.00h:   ZZP-Fabriek network event
Sun 14 december 14.00h:  Sunday lazy afternoon jam
Wed 17 december 16h/20h: expo open
Thu 18 december 16h/20h: expo open Special Movie night
Fri 19 december 16h/20h: expo open
Sat 20 december 16h/20h: expo open Finnisage event
Sun 21 december 14h/18h: expo open