ns6 louisNightscapes Sessions #6

One-Way-Ticket to Hell -OR-
One Last Night Without Christmas

14 December 2012


"I can see myself in you, your eyes reflecting the expectations, the promises to be... And then I call your name, half of it is mine..."

As Christmas is approaching and we all get busy buying gifts and planning the great great menu for this very special day, Cat will take you into her night one last time this year...

For one night we forget about Christmas and all our plans. For one more night it is just you and her and the night... For one more night, 4 locations and 6 great performances.

During this ride to hell you can enjoy:


*Royal Parks -

the band of Diederik Nomden, ex-Johan/ex-Daryll-Ann

*Clean Pete -

Singer-songwriter duo by that time probably the winner of De Grote Prijs van Nederland

*Nu Nog Even Niet - (cancelled)

The project of Chantal Acda, singer of the Belgium band Isbells

Urizen -

A project inspired by the works of William Blake. Combining music, images and words, Lars Ickenroth and Thijs Leuven


And the secret acts this night will reveal...


Cat will wait for you at 20.00 at the Helpoort (where else…), in Maastricht.


"One more night to be shared in this year soon to be ended..."


20.00 at the Helpoort in Maastricht

Tickets are €8 in the Pre-sale / €10 at the Helpoort-doors

Ticket-Reservation/ PRE-SALE by sending an e-mail to

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