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Nightscapes Sessions are Europe’s most secret, itinerant night for those who love discovering the unknown! Nightscapes Sessions are based on the idea of creating culture and music on locations normally not used for this purposes. Leading the audience into a magical experience and seducing them with fantastic concerts at unexpected locations.

The Nightscapes journey starts at a secret meeting-point, where people meet in the darkness of the night…

Two masked ladies will guide you throughout and reward your trust with enchantment. We promise you a trip into the subconcious – a truly new experience to explore the unknown love for the unknown. We carry you into the night and surprise you with magical performances: theatre, poetry, movies and concerts in secret spots around locations normally not open for the public. 

The locations will remain a mystery until the night in question! …Nightscapes will enhance your love for secrecy. Surrender yourself into the arms of Cat Sphinges and her entourage and feel the amazement!!