Flyer SP3Secret Places IV - A festival by Nightscapes

    27/28/29 May 2016


    "Tik, tok, tok, tik, says the clock... Time passes, an endless flow... Destinations unknown... Take a deap breath, pause the turning of this world and step into our Secret Places...."

    The Secret Places Festival takes place once a year, at an unexpected, unique location. A secret location normally not used for cultural purposes. 

    On 27, 28 & 29 MAY 2016 we will create a magical world of its own, down there at a secret place, hidden away somewhere in Maastricht...

    If you missed the last festival edition, this is what happend in 2015:

    The Secret Places Festival is created and designed by Nightscapes Productions. Whereas other festivals only focus on the music, the Secret Places Festival emphasizes on an interdisciplinary cross-over experience with a sniff of Nightscapes magic.

    Designed to be a platform for all kind of various artists, initiatives, companies, communities and organizations the Secret Places Festival unifies bands and singer-songwriters, vj’s, performances, dancers, story-tellers, circus artists, poets, dj’s, theatre, (visual) art, food, drinks and dance into one unique festival experience…

    The Secret Places Festival reveals little raw but individual beauties, whilst enhancing the magic of our daily lives...

    ... "And Cat Sphinges peaked through this keyhole that arouse in front of her and this secret place unfolded itself... A place, even more magical than she could have ever had imagined. A palce where time doesn't matter. A place where just the beating of your heart counts… "

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